What Impression Is Your Website Making?

I just received a message sent via the Contact page on this site: a polite inquiry from someone wishing to provide content for my blog. As I have no current plans to outsource writing about what I know to others, I sat down to send a quick reply to that effect. But since her email’s domain was from what was probably her business website I first decided to check that out.

What I found (using Chrome) was such a mess that even if I was interested in 3rd party content I would never deal with her:

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Opting Out From Twitter Using Your Offsite Activities To Select Ads

Twitter just announced that they will now allow advertisers to target ads to you based on information about you from places other than Twitter, such as what you do on other websites and with personal email addresses.

If you don’t like the sound of that, here’s how to opt out:

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Knowing Doesn’t Always Save You From Yourself

Yes, I know a lot of stuff. I am also human, though, so still fall prey to emotions over logic…

Last week I decided to buy a juicer to encourage consuming more vegetables than I currently do. After a friend’s recommendation plus some research I decided on an Omega 8004. I found a factory-refurbished-with-warranty one on Amazon, then looked at the seller’s own website, discovered that purchasing directly got me free shipping and ordered it.

The company quickly processed my order and the juicer arrived on Monday. I had pre-shopped for vegetables to juice and was anxious to try it out… but when I opened the box and inventoried the contents I discovered they did not include the brush for cleaning the filter screen nor the pusher for the feed tube.

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Tips During A Disaster

All of us in or near Boston are still shaken by the horrible bombing at the Marathon this week. It’s unfortunately true that you cannot predict when participating in a normal public activity will suddenly turn into an emergency – though short of being in a location of overt civil or political unrest the actual chances of it happening to you are far less than the incessant media coverage makes you think.

But if you do find yourself caught up in a dangerous public emergency, here are some things to keep in mind:

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