Rocking at Girls Rock Camp

My July was rather busy, hence the lack of blog posts. One activity was that I took a week’s vacation in order to volunteer at the July session of Girls Rock Camp Boston. I substituted 8-hour days at a computer for 10-hour days co-teaching drumming plus coaching a newly-created band of 8, 9 and 10-year-old girls who wrote an original song and performed it on stage at a major Boston nightclub in front of 300 people!

What is the girls rock camp movement and why might you be interested in supporting it whether or not you happen to have girl children?

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General Business Gig Booking Considerations – Weddings

Some time ago I posted a tip about how to determine the going rate to charge for a GB (general business) gig, such as a wedding, party, etc. But there is more to being a successful GB musician than setting a price. Here are some questions to ask and elements to consider when requested to perform for a wedding or other ceremony – this is based on my reply to a recent wedding inquiry, but much of it is applicable to other events:

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Put Your Band’s Music On YouTube

If you are a music creator you probably use a number of streaming audio sites to make your recordings available to listeners: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, etc. But are you using YouTube?

If your answer is “Well, we some amateur videos of live shows” or “No – we can’t afford to shoot a real music video!” then you are missing a great opportunity to get your quality recorded music into people’s ears! One report found that the majority of teenagers look for music primarily on Youtube, and many people I know go their first when looking for a song they don’t have on their mobile device or computer.

So how do you take advantage of this opportunity for little or no cost?

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