Friday Tidbits – 02-22-13

In addition to the formal articles I post here, I also have a What Betty Knows Facebook Page where I sometimes post quick tips that don’t warrant writing an entire blog entry. So occasionally I will round those up and post here for future reference:

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Friday Faves 02-08-13

With a major winter storm poised to bury my area in a couple feet of snow, let’s think of warmer days – check out this Kickstarter to build an urban farm on the roof of a building in downtown Boston:


This is kind of neat – a phone charging device that produces charge based on applying your hot or cold drink to it:


Local tip: if you are a resident of Cambridge MA with less-than-adequate or no health insurance (or even if you have some – there is no qualification other than residency) you can get a free card for discounts on prescription medicine at certain pharmacies. See all the information here.

Friday Faves 01-25-13

Some fun items:

For my donation to the Indiegogo campaign for Lunar Labyrinth (still 6 days to go!) I got one of two available custom flasks. That reward point is now closed – BUT if you would like to have a nicely hand-painted steel flask, great for water or any 8 oz of liquid you might want to stash in your hip pocket (great for places that want to sell you a bottle of water for $5!)  check out John King’s site:


If you are wondering about what evidence, if any, exists for using a particular supplement for a specific medical use, check out this chart visualizing study results for various supplements.


If you don’t use a lot of data/text/voice time on your phone, or it varies so much that paying $100/month for a large amount of minutes that don’t roll over, check out Ting, who offers a plan that automatically charges you for whatever tier of service you actually use in a particular monthly period, even if you signed up for a higher tier.


If you like classic movies shown in old moviehouses, consider supporting Cambridge’s Brattle Theatre so that they can update their projectors (since the film distributors are going all-digital, even for old films) and their heating/cooling system: