Quick Testing Tip Du Jour

A coworker admires my attention to detail, as observed by him in my testing that an old application still works after migrating it to a new server. He wondered whether I’d have time to help him test the various web forms on a set of pages he had just migrated to another new server. I gave him this one tip, which he felt was worth several hours of work possibly saved:

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Update: Increasing Facebook Page Views

A few months ago I posted my research on what types of Facebook posts are allowed to be seen by more of your Page’s fans without your being forced to pay Facebook. Since Facebook frequently changes how they treat your posts I just did another quick experiment with posts to my band Ginger Ibex‘s Page to see whether my prior conclusion still holds.

Here’s the result:

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What Are the Tech Specs For My Apple Product?

Apple releases so many slightly-tweaked models of their computers and other devices that it can be difficult to remember exactly which one you have, e.g., “is this an early 2008 or a late 2008 MacBook?”

This can be important when you are considering the purchase of an external accessory that requires a specific type of port to connect to your device – you cannot connect a Thunderbolt device to a Firewire port, and a device that wants USB 3.0 may not be happy with a USB 2.0 port (though the reverse is probably okay).

There’s an easy way to find out exactly how your Apple product is configured:

♦ Go to http://support.apple.com/specs/ 

♦ Click the Browse by Product button on the upper right.

♦ In the search field on the next page type your device’s serial number (for a Mac computer, click on the “Apple” at the top left of your desktop, Select “About This Mac”, then “More Info…” to find the serial number)

♦ The search result will be a link to the tech specs of your device.

Where Did I Put That?

There are things we own that are only needed periodically: for a certain holiday, or season, or activity. Unless you are very organized and never forget to put things back where they belong chances are when the time comes to put such an item to use you may have difficulty locating it.

Even worse for your frustration level is that you likely ran across these items while looking for something else and said to yourself, “Ah ha! That’s where that is! I’ll remember that in X months when I need it” … but later all you remember is that you did find it somewhere!

Here’s a trick to avoid that frustration:

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