Bicycle Roadside Assistance

Bikes riding

Now that the weather is improving more people will be out on bicycles. And many urban cities are working on ways to encourage more commuters to leave their cars home, including bike commuting.

Some bikers are very knowledgeable about fixing their machine if it develops problems while on a ride such as flat tires, chain or brake problems, etc. Some automobile drivers know how to put on a spare tire, add oil and other fluids, etc. But there are many among both types  of commuters who don’t have these skills (or cannot due to physical limitations).

Car commuters have long had the choice of purchasing roadside assistance from a number of service providers (AAA, Countrywide, etc). Until recently bicyclists were on their own, but that is now changing…

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Quick Tip: Personal Safety Website Notifies Your Contacts

When I’m going to meet up with a potential new musical partner, buy something from a Craigslist ad, or go anywhere unfamiliar and non-public alone, I usually tell my partner or a friend the who/what/where/when and ask them to follow up if I don’t contact them to say it’s cool. Hopefully you do the same.

Now there’s a free way to do this without requiring as much pre-planning (or the risk of forgetting to tell your friend it’s okay and they wonder if they should call the police!):

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Semi-Boston-centric Money-Saving Tips

Tip #1: More Ice Cream For Less $

I get ice cream several times a month at local chain JP Licks. This week I accidentally discovered how to get a lot more ice cream for less: order a Chipwich, which is a serving of ice cream between two chocolate chip (or other type) cookies.

While exact quantity probably depends on the server, I discovered:

– The single Chipwich is prepared when you order, so you may request any ice cream flavor (not just vanilla).

– The amount of ice cream is at least equal to their “small scoop” which in a cup or cone costs $3.99, and is much more than their “kiddie scoop” costing $3.09

– A Chipwich = a “small scoop” + 2 three-inch-diameter cookies, all for $3.29!

Bonus JP Licks tip: Join their Cow Card loyalty program and get points for every purchase (either by swiping the keytag or using the iPhone or Android app code). 50 points gets you a $5 credit for free food!

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