Friday Faves – How To Help Boston

Last Friday got even weirder after I posted! Fortunately the Boston area can now focus on recovering from being shoved into a real-life “Die Hard” movie. Here are a number of links to resources and ways to help yourself and Boston:

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Weird Week Placeholder

Here in Boston it’s been a weird, sad week that is still ongoing – I’m writing this from my home bedroom while I monitor services at work,since that work is in part of the area currently locked down while authorities attempt to find the remaining Boston Marathon bomber after late-night gunfights and more casualties.

I’m not really in the state of mind to post random links or write today, so here are a couple of items I’ve posted elsewhere this week:

The city and state have set up The One Fund to accept donations to help all of the victims of Monday’s bombing. But if you would like some music with your donation you can download 130 music tracks donated by Boston bands (including my band Ginger Ibex) for whatever you wish to donate – all proceeds going to The One Fund:

And here’s a post I wrote this week for Ginger Ibex’s blog, about the special stringed instrument I play in the band:

What Is That Weird Violin Betty Plays?


Finally – have a sleeping cat, and stay safe!