Flashback Friday – Cold Brewed Iced (or Hot) Coffee

Flashback Friday posts highlight popular articles from the WBK archive. Today’s blast from the past is Cold Brewed Iced (or Hot) Coffee (but also see a new bonus link at the end of this post!):

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Friday Faves 10-05-12

News for ASCAP musicians who perform their original songs! You may now upload your setlists in order to be paid for performing your song catalog live:

OnStage allows writer members to notify ASCAP of their live performances via Member Access. This data is processed and a royalty is distributed to the writers and publishers of the songs based upon the license fee paid by the respective venue.


If you are looking to buy an inexpensive Windows desktop PC in the Boston area but don’t like the idea of taking a chance buying on CraigsList, check out Semi-New Computers. They refurbish obsoleted PCs from Harvard and other corporate sources, then sell to you with a 90-day guarantee for about $200 depending on RAM and HD size.

Kickstarter projects I’ve recently backed:

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Friday Faves

Rescuing the instruments from 95 Columbia

Rescuing the instruments from 95 Columbia (photo by Peter Moulthrop)

UPDATE: While all of these projects are cool, if you’ve got some spare cash please look at this Facebook event page: less than 48 hours ago 12 friends from the Boston music/arts community lost their living situation and most of their possessions in a 3-alarm fire at their Cambridge MA apartment building.  Fortunately no one was seriously injured or died (but it was a close thing – 6 police officers rescued everyone), and firefighters retrieved much of their gear and instruments (though some are water-damaged). Please consider helping and spreading the word to others. You may donate directly via this ChipIn widget:

Some Kickstarter and IndiGogo projects I like:

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Cold Brewed Iced (or Hot) Coffee

It’s been close to 100°F for the past couple days, so rather than use my trusty AeroPress to make hot coffee for mid-morning at work (this needs its own post to document the tweaks I use) I made a batch of cold brewed coffee.

Hot brewing heats up the oils and can result in a much more acidic taste that gets bitter as it ages – so unless you plan to drink it immediately over ice, making a large pot of hot coffee then chilling is not going to be great the next day.

Cold brewing is a great alternative to making hot coffee and then cooling it, as long as you remember to start your batch about 24 hours before you want it to drink. Soaking the grounds releases flavors without becoming bitter, and the resulting beverage can be refrigerated for several days without deteriorating in taste.

You can buy many fancy and expensive special devices for cold brewing, but all you really need is a large jar (e.g., a 32 oz mason jar) and something to strain the grounds through, which can be a paper coffee filter lining a mesh strainer.

My recipe:

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