Raw Vegetable and Fruit Juicing At Home – Part 1

“Juicing” (raw vegetables and fruit, not athletes on steroids!) has been a health tactic-verging-into-diet-fad for some years, and lately has gotten a lot of press. Many supermarkets now carry commercial brands of juices and smoothies, plus juice bars and shops sell everything from just-pressed juice to entire regimens of delivered juices and fasting support.

Personally I’m not big on “fasting” or “cleansing” to extremes – but I’m not great about eating enough vegetables. I also wasn’t interested in paying up to $10 for 16 ounces of juice!

About 7 years ago I bought a cheap juicer, but it was such a pain to use and clean that I put it on a shelf and eventually gave it away. Recently a Facebook friend posted about using her old but reliable Omega juicer, which got me interested in researching what machines were available and easier to use regularly. I was willing to spend more to get a better performing juicer after calculating the the cost savings if I were to have two 16-oz servings of juice per day:

2/day = 14/week – at a local juice business’ prices the cost is $133-140 per week.


A $250 juicer plus $30/week in organic vegetables/fruit from Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s brings me out ahead of store-bought in just 3 weeks!

Yes, I could buy much cheaper juice products at the local grocery, but when you read the labels of those you will find they lean heavily on fruit juices and can have total sugar content the same as or higher than a can of Coke!

In this post I’ll describe the various types of juicers – a future post will cover how I’m using mine.

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Don’t Ignore Your Parents’ Analog Technology

In many ways we are living in a version of the high-tech future that appeared in science fiction fifty years ago (though we are all still waiting for our jet packs and flying cars). But sometimes it pays to revisit some of the old style devices used by our parents and grandparents.

For instance: right now it is thundering and pouring rain outside, but despite having my windows open everything inside is dry. This is due to my recent purchase of window filter screens like my mother used to use to help keep pollen out of our allergy-ridden house:

These not only filter out pollen but keep rain from coming in. They come in several heights and widths (though only work in traditional double-hung windows) and may be found on sites selling allergy alleviating products, e.g., National Allergy, Allergy Control, Vitaire.

What old-school techniques might be useful in your 21st century life?

Friday Faves – 24 May 2013

Grab Bag O’ Books

It’s sad when a bookstore has to close, but Once Sold Tales in Kent WA has an additional problem: a warehouse full of 500,000 used books on which they can no longer afford to pay rent! Rather than just sending all of that linear media to be pulped they are having a Grab Bag sale:

Now through May 30th you can order a grab bag of paperback books (8 for $10, 16 for $18, which includes shipping) or children’s books (“small” for $12 or “large” for $20, number of books will vary since kid’s books come in many sizes). You can give some guidance as to the books’ genre, but they can make no guarantees. See their Facebook post for all details – note that this offer is available for direct Paypal payment only, not though their main website.

Etsy Stores of Note

My West Coast musician friend Sharon Knight has been building additional ways to have income when she is not on the road touring with her band. Her latest effort is an Etsy store – please check it out.

While attending a recent Steampunk fair I ran across an awesome local leather worker: Emporium Custom Leathers. In addition to selling at the New York Ren Faire, she also has an Etsy store here. I can attest to the high quality of her work, and intend to indulge in some garment soon :-)

Knowing Doesn’t Always Save You From Yourself

Yes, I know a lot of stuff. I am also human, though, so still fall prey to emotions over logic…

Last week I decided to buy a juicer to encourage consuming more vegetables than I currently do. After a friend’s recommendation plus some research I decided on an Omega 8004. I found a factory-refurbished-with-warranty one on Amazon, then looked at the seller’s own website, discovered that purchasing directly got me free shipping¬†and ordered it.

The company quickly processed my order and the juicer arrived on Monday. I had pre-shopped for vegetables to juice and was anxious to try it out… but when I opened the box and inventoried the contents I discovered they did not include the brush for cleaning the filter screen nor the pusher for the feed tube.

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