Put Your Band’s Music On YouTube

If you are a music creator you probably use a number of streaming audio sites to make your recordings available to listeners: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, etc. But are you using YouTube?

If your answer is “Well, we some amateur videos of live shows” or “No – we can’t afford to shoot a real music video!” then you are missing a great opportunity to get your quality recorded music into people’s ears! One report found that the majority of teenagers look for music primarily on Youtube, and many people I know go their first when looking for a song they don’t have on their mobile device or computer.

So how do you take advantage of this opportunity for little or no cost?

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Weird Week Placeholder

Here in Boston it’s been a weird, sad week that is still ongoing – I’m writing this from my home bedroom while I monitor services at work,since that work is in part of the area currently locked down while authorities attempt to find the remaining Boston Marathon bomber after late-night gunfights and more casualties.

I’m not really in the state of mind to post random links or write today, so here are a couple of items I’ve posted elsewhere this week:

The city and state have set up The One Fund to accept donations to help all of the victims of Monday’s bombing. But if you would like some music with your donation you can download 130 music tracks donated by Boston bands (including my band Ginger Ibex) for whatever you wish to donate – all proceeds going to The One Fund:

And here’s a post I wrote this week for Ginger Ibex’s blog, about the special stringed instrument I play in the band:

What Is That Weird Violin Betty Plays?


Finally – have a sleeping cat, and stay safe!


Review – Video House Concerts Beta Site

Last weekend I got to check out VideoHouseConcerts.com, which is a new business designed to allow performers to host a web-streamed concert from their home, studio, or any place with a good internet connection. Why is this any better than using one of the other available streaming services, such as Ustream or Google+ Hangouts? Video House Concerts provides some features not currently available to non-commercial users of those services:

• VHC sells tickets at several different access levels so that you can generate income

• The VHC concert experience allows for in-concert interaction with the performer, via text interaction or actual video & audio interaction for VIP ticket holders.

Sounds good  – so how was the actual experience? Read on…

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Small Performance Venues in Somerville and Cambridge MA

[NOTE: Updated 24 March 2014]

I just answered a question about where someone’s folk-type band could play in the Somerville/Cambridge area, so here’s a not-comprehensive list of my suggestions:

The Arts at the Armory Cafe in Somerville –  info@artsatthearmory.org

There are also some monthly open mics there where you can play 2 songs/pieces:

Both of those are pretty open to any sort of music – last time I was at the Sunday one a cellist who had stopped by to go the Yesterday Service classical music store in the basement played a couple of Bach pieces. Check their event calendar for any current open mics.

If you want to do your own show, Outpost 186 in Inman Sq Cambridge can be rented evenings or Sunday afternoon for $75 for 1 event or $50/ea for a series of 3 or more..  Contact: Rob Chalfen – robchalfen@hotmail.com

There’s also the Lily Pad in Inman Sq, but booking a full slot can be $$$ – $70/hour, though you get to set the door charge (typically $10) and keep it. They also now serve beer and wine, though your audience can be all ages. As of early 2014 the booker is Jesse – contact him at bookthelilypad@gmail.com

Third Life Studio is in Union Sq Somerville – it is a dance studio with a grand piano, no PA. It is $25/hr for the 1st four hours, then $15/hr for longer.

Somerville does not have any specific rules about busking (unlike Cambridge, which requires a $40 permit), so you could try something impromptu in Davis Sq when the weather is better.

Gallery 263 in Cambridgeport (a couple blocks up Pearl St from memorial Drive) hosts music shows.

Out Of the Blue Gallery on Prospect St Cambridge across from Whole Foods does, too:

You might also look up opportunities at local farmers’ markets if you don’t mind playing outside:

This was off the top of my head – please list other ideas in the comments!