Friday Faves 01-11-13

This week’s faves include free online courses, some Kickstarter projects, and a kitten in need:

You can take online courses from some major colleges and universities for free at Coursera. I just found that they are offering four courses this spring from Berklee College of Music:

– Starting March 1st: Songwriting and Intro to Music Production

– Starting April 22: Intro to Guitar and Intro to Improvisation

Maybe I’ll ‘see’ you in the Improv course :-)

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Friday Faves 01-04-13

Happy New Year! Here are a few new fundraisers worthy of your attention – but first, a bit of self-promotion:

As you may recall, following on some compliments about my non-fiction writing (especially from a successful fiction writer) I decided to attempt NaNoWriMo in November. I did “win” by completing 50,000 words of a novel – my first long form writing of any sort.

Enough people have asked to read it that I’ve decided to serialize as I complete editing chapters. I’ve set up a separate blog for my literary endeavors, – the first two chapters of Want It Back are posted now. You can subscribe to get notifications of new postings, or follow along via the Twitter acct @WhatBettyWrites and/or Facebook Page WhatBettyWrites. Feel free to leave feedback on that blog – most helpful to me would be things like “This chapter was interesting/boring/confusing because of ….”

And now on to other interesting links:

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Mini Friday Faves – 11-09-12

Since I’m still proceeding at a good clip on my NaNoWriMo novel (16,494 words as of yesterday), here are a couple of new Kickstarter projects I like:

What Time Is It Mr. Fox is a great Boston band with a wide range of sounds, called variously chamber pop, artschool soul, bardcore, acoustic noir, gothic jazz and steampunk cabaret. They have recorded their new album but need $ for mixing, mastering and manufacturing:


The Parlour Trick is a ghostly, atmospheric chamber duo whose members are separated by the Pacific Ocean much of the time. I like their sounds, plus thereminist/violinist/singer Meredith Yayanos has backed more Kickstarter Projects than I have! So pay back her support:

Mini Friday Fave and TSA Warning

I know I said no more Friday Faves until after NaNoWriMo – but I exceeded my first day’s word quota (you can follow my word count via the widget in the right column on my blog’s front page), so I’m taking a moment to share both a new Kickstarter project for Boston friends AND their warning about flying with data!

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