Beware the Facebook Event Time Bug!

In most parts of the United States this weekend is the start of Daylight Saving Time – at 2:00AM this Sunday morning clocks are set to 3:00AM, until late next Fall.

Unfortunately, if you have created a Facebook event that is happening this Sunday and you are in a DST-using location, Facebook’s coding is going to mess mightily with the displayed event time, as it gets confused between you creating the event in Standard Time yet the event is in DST.

What happens is:

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Increasing Facebook Page Views

 If you have a non-personal Facebook Page for your band or other business, you may have noticed that many of the items you post get far fewer views than you have fans. This seems particularly true for posts in which I share Facebook events like band shows, Craigslist links, and other links. The posts getting far more relative views are usually plain text and photos that do not include links.

It seems likely that Facebook is hoping that you will pay them to “Boost” the posts that probably include information that will make you money or that you really want fans to see. But if you are a band, artist, or other very small business lacking any type of advertising budget, I’ve tested some methods that seem to get around the throttling of “important” posts:

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Who Are Your Facebook Page Fans?

A musician friend just asked:

can you tell me how to see who likes my FB page?  FB tells me all kinds of
statistics and such, and what I’ve liked, but I don’t see a list of who
likes me on my musician page.


Ah – good question! The official FB answer is “sorry, we don’t provide that”…

BUT there does seem to be a way around it (though not particularly useful unless you manually transcribe or screen-shot the displayed list):
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What Impression Is Your Website Making?

I just received a message sent via the Contact page on this site: a polite inquiry from someone wishing to provide content for my blog. As I have no current plans to outsource writing about what I know to others, I sat down to send a quick reply to that effect. But since her email’s domain was from what was probably her business website I first decided to check that out.

What I found (using Chrome) was such a mess that even if I was interested in 3rd party content I would never deal with her:

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