Using Clues to Find Out Something – An Example

In addition to collecting interesting information that later is useful to people I meet, I’m also known for my ability to discover information I don’t already know. Both of these abilities are based on a skill you can hone yourself to better access information you need – it all comes down to paying attention to details.

It’s not always easy for me to demonstrate how I do this in a straightforward way, but I just did a quick information discovery exercise that serves as a clear example:

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Happy Blog Anniversary!

Yes – it was late May 2012 when I decided it might be a good idea to start a blog to capture the various and sundry useful information I was giving out to friends.

In the past year I’ve written 118 posts, which have been viewed 10,288 times, with 82 legitimate comments left… and 14,060 spam comments! I strongly suggest you set up Akismet or another spam filtering service if you run a blog, as it caught 99.91% of these.

By far the biggest boost to my readership came last September, when my article Why I Volunteered To Play With Amanda Palmer was reposted by Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman, then linked in other articles about the controversy. To this day I still get several visits a week from people clicking an external link from one of those references. The next most highly viewed post, on making Origami paper cups, was reblogged on a few Tumblr sites.

So if you’ve joined me recently, here are the most-viewed posts from the last 12 months:

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What Do YOU Want To Know???

I’ve added a new page to this site – in the top bar next to Contact you will now find a link:

What Do YOU Want To Know? Use Betty’s Brain

Do you need

  •  to know something I haven’t addressed?
  •  some topic researched but don’t have good Google-fu skilz?
  •  a piece of music written, transcribed, or the sheet music located?
  • a wingwoman to accompany you to test/buy some gear (musical, tech, even a car)?
  • an acoustic or electric violist/violinist for your event, or to sub at your band’s gig?
  • something else with which I could help? Tell me about it…

I’m available for any of the above – hire my brain! Ask me for a quote: