Friday Tidbits – 02-22-13

In addition to the formal articles I post here, I also have a What Betty Knows Facebook Page where I sometimes post quick tips that don’t warrant writing an entire blog entry. So occasionally I will round those up and post here for future reference:

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Winter Leather Boot Care Tips

If you are in a part of the world now undergoing a snow/slush/rain season you probably have some waterproof boots made of rubber/plastic/Gortex/etc. But since you don’t always want to look like you are going on a backwoods expedition you probably also have some nice leather footwear (I’m partial to Fluevogs, though recently got some Durango boots as well). Here are some tips for protecting your leather from the elements:

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Teaching Cats (and Dogs) To Close Doors

Okay, that title is a bit misleading – this is more like “teaching doors to close behind cats and dogs.” :-)

Do you have an animal in your house that knows how to bang open a door from one room to the next? If you are trying to keep the air-conditioning in or cold drafts out it’s annoying when they barge through and leave the door swinging wide open (think of showering in a steamy bathroom in winter, when BAMM! there’s a cat wanting your attention followed by a blast of cold air…).

Here’s a simple trick to mitigate that problem:

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Rehearse Your Planned Event Elements

Recently I attended a food-tasting event. In addition to sampling a variety of entries of the type being highlighted, the paying attendees were handed a paper ballot and instructed to vote for their favorite food sample. The organizers assigned each presenter a number so all we had to do was write the number on the ballot. As the first wave of tasters passed through the hall an announcer reminded us to vote, and also to write our name on the back of the ballot to enter for door prizes.

There was one major problem (as well as a couple minor ones) with this scenario:

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