Resources For Writing Grant Proposals

Artists, musicians, writers and other members of the creative community rarely “make it big” in a commercial/financial sense. That doesn’t necessarily discourage us from making art, but it would be nice to have some financial support.

While there are many local, national, and international sources of grant money for creatives, one look at some of the applications scares off many artists who are great at making art but not comfortable with figuring out budgets or writing snappy descriptions of their proposals.

A friend who was recently appointed to her city’s cultural council posted on Facebook that all of her artistic friends should really consider applying for grants even though the thought is intimidating. I posted a bunch of helpful links in the comments, which I am reposting here for future reference, and will add more as I come across them:

An interview with Gigi Rosenberg, author of The Artist’s Guide To Grant Writing

Finding Money For Your Dreams by Mira Bartok – the rest of her site is no longer active but she is still sharing grant opportunities on her Facebook page and Twitter.

Grantseeking For Individuals is a $19.95 online self-paced course (NB: I have not taken it so am not vouching for its contents of value for the $)

Boston Center for Adult Education grant-writing classes

20 Free Grant-Writing Resources For Non-Profits

Also, if you are going crazy trying to write a proposal you can hire me to review it and make suggestions!


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