Hassle-Free Comcast Cancellation

I’ve been over my head with packing/purging/moving to our new house, but here’s a quick tip:

You may recall last summer a recording of a Comcast customer’s frustrating attempt to get their service cancelled went viral. With that in mind I volunteered to try cancelling our old house’s service since I’m better at dealing with BS than my partner. I just did so, and not only had no hassles but found we didn’t need to stand in line at a service center to return the set top box and remote either! Here’s the trick:

I had no push-back from the Comcast representative because I started out telling her that:

1. We were cancelling the service because we moved,


2. We did not need this service account moved because another resident in the new location already set up a new Comcast account there!

So that’s the trick:

  • call Comcast,
  • wade through the menus to select “Cancel all services” (do NOT choose “moving” unless you really do want to move the account to a new address), and
  • tell the rep that you already have Comcast service set up in another name at your “new address” (even if you are not really moving). I was not asked to give the new address or any proof of this assertion.

You will need to return your set top box, remote, etc. within a week of cancelling – but you do not need to stand in an endless line at a Comcast office to do it! Ask the rep to tell you the nearest UPS Store location that accepts Comcast dropoffs – you do not need to box anything yourself, just bring the stuff to UPS. They will box and ship it to Comcast for free. Just be sure to get a tracking number in case Comcast later says they didn’t get it.

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