What Are the Tech Specs For My Apple Product?

Apple releases so many slightly-tweaked models of their computers and other devices that it can be difficult to remember exactly which one you have, e.g., “is this an early 2008 or a late 2008 MacBook?”

This can be important when you are considering the purchase of an external accessory that requires a specific type of port to connect to your device – you cannot connect a Thunderbolt device to a Firewire port, and a device that wants USB 3.0 may not be happy with a USB 2.0 port (though the reverse is probably okay).

There’s an easy way to find out exactly how your Apple product is configured:

♦ Go to http://support.apple.com/specs/ 

♦ Click the Browse by Product button on the upper right.

♦ In the search field on the next page type your device’s serial number (for a Mac computer, click on the “Apple” at the top left of your desktop, Select “About This Mac”, then “More Info…” to find the serial number)

♦ The search result will be a link to the tech specs of your device.

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