WBK Site Updates: Newsletter Signup and Tip Jar

After my recent burst of activity (and more to come) about using social media, I’ve also tweaked this site by adding a few new widgets and page edits.


1. Newsletter Signup

In the column on the right you will now see a form allowing you to sign up for my weekly newsletter – I had this up previously, but somehow in various WordPress updates it disappeared!

The newsletter is auto-generated each Thursday morning (if various websites cooperate) ONLY if I’ve posted at least one new article since the previous Thursday, in order to let you know I wrote something new. It gives you the beginning of each article plus a link to come here to read the whole piece if you are interested. This is the best way to find out if there is new material here without needing to remember to visit periodically!

2. Tip Jar

While I am available to hire for help with various projects (see Hire Betty’s Brain in the header bar), the information I share on this blog and the related Facebook Page is free for you to use and share with others.

It does cost me time to research and write articles, as well as financial costs for web hosting, computers, software, et al. So if something I’ve written has helped or enlightened you, please use the Tip Jar button Support Betty’s Brain on the upper right of the main page and the bottom of Post pages, or the Support WBK link in the header of every page, to show your appreciation in whatever amount feels right to you – thank you!

Note: the tip jar uses Paypal to accept your credit card whether or not you have a Paypal account, or your Paypal balance if you have one. Paypal also take a percentage of your tip as a processing fee, so tips of less than about $2 get mostly eaten by the fee!


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