Who Are Your Facebook Page Fans?

A musician friend just asked:

can you tell me how to see who likes my FB page?  FB tells me all kinds of
statistics and such, and what I’ve liked, but I don’t see a list of who
likes me on my musician page.


Ah – good question! The official FB answer is “sorry, we don’t provide that”…

BUT there does seem to be a way around it (though not particularly useful unless you manually transcribe or screen-shot the displayed list):

• Go to your page. Be using it AS your page (not as you the individual).

• At the top of the page in the Admin Panel click on Edit Page.

• In the pull-down menu choose See Banned Users.

• A box will pop up: People Connected to [your page]. At the upper right is another pull-down menu that says Banned.

• Click on that Banned menu item and select People Who Like This (or Pages That Like This if you want to see what other bands, etc have liked you).

• You can  now scroll down the window, and  keep hitting show more at the  bottom  until you see all the fans (note that they do not seem to be in order of Liking).

Caveat: I have not counted to see whether this method is displaying ALL of my fans – but since the tool is actually designed to allow you to find a person and make them a Page Admin I would think it must.


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