Don’t Ignore Your Parents’ Analog Technology

In many ways we are living in a version of the high-tech future that appeared in science fiction fifty years ago (though we are all still waiting for our jet packs and flying cars). But sometimes it pays to revisit some of the old style devices used by our parents and grandparents.

For instance: right now it is thundering and pouring rain outside, but despite having my windows open everything inside is dry. This is due to my recent purchase of window filter screens like my mother used to use to help keep pollen out of our allergy-ridden house:

These not only filter out pollen but keep rain from coming in. They come in several heights and widths (though only work in traditional double-hung windows) and may be found on sites selling allergy alleviating products, e.g., National Allergy, Allergy Control, Vitaire.

What old-school techniques might be useful in your 21st century life?

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