Happy Blog Anniversary!

Yes – it was late May 2012 when I decided it might be a good idea to start a blog to capture the various and sundry useful information I was giving out to friends.

In the past year I’ve written 118 posts, which have been viewed 10,288 times, with 82 legitimate comments left… and 14,060 spam comments! I strongly suggest you set up Akismet or another spam filtering service if you run a blog, as it caught 99.91% of these.

By far the biggest boost to my readership came last September, when my article Why I Volunteered To Play With Amanda Palmer was reposted by Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman, then linked in other articles about the controversy. To this day I still get several visits a week from people clicking an external link from one of those references. The next most highly viewed post, on making Origami paper cups, was reblogged on a few Tumblr sites.

So if you’ve joined me recently, here are the most-viewed posts from the last 12 months:

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One thought on “Happy Blog Anniversary!

  1. Happy Blog Anniversary, Betty! I’ve loved all you’ve written, in your wonderful personal way, over the past year. Looking forward to what this year brings.

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