Friday Faves – How To Help Boston

Last Friday got even weirder after I posted! Fortunately the Boston area can now focus on recovering from being shoved into a real-life “Die Hard” movie. Here are a number of links to resources and ways to help yourself and Boston:


Here’s a Boston music scene friend’s blog with links to various ways to donate: List of ways you can help support victims of the Marathon bombings and aftermath

The Globe also has aHow to help” page including donations and survivor resources.

For people who are runners, bikers, etc. there are some “reruns” happening to symbolize that terrorists can’t define when the race ends: Globe article

Specifically, one of my coworkers is organizing this one: Boston Marathon Redux

Whether or not you are in the Boston area, if you interact with children here are tips for discussing the news they may hear about the events.

If you know people who have been personally affected by these events, or any traumatic crisis, you may want to give some thought to some does and don’ts when trying to offer help:

How Not To Say The Wrong Thing

3 Ways You Can Actually Be Helpful On The Internet



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