What is Bandcamp

I assumed most musicians know about Bandcamp.com, but based on a Facebook question last week that’s not so. If you have digital music to sell, check it out:


Brief synopsis of how Bandcamp works:

– account setup is free.

– uploading music is free. You can upload anything you want to sell/distribute, from one track to an entire album with artwork: your RPM Challenge album, band practice recordings, bird songs, anything. They also have an option to sell merch (tee shirts, posters, etc)

– You upload high-resolution files in .wav, .aif, or high-res mp3. They convert to many formats and let downloaders choose the format.

– The tracks are playable in full before purchase on your Bandcamp page… but those are low-res files, so even if someone wants to steal them somehow they only get low-res.

– Bandcamp makes its money by taking a 10% cut of your track sales. However, that’s not taken out of each sale – instead the payment for every 10th album you sell goes straight to them, not to your Paypal account.

– Yes, you can give away your music for free and/or pay-what-you-like. You are limited to 200 free downloads per month so that they don’t lose too much $ on your participation.

– Also, if you list your gigs on Songkick and tie that into your BC account then your upcoming shows are listed on your BC page.

– Bandcamp also lets listeners create accounts and list favorite bands’ pages.

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  1. Cool! ‘This one time, at band camp…’ Sorry I couldn’t help it. And it just occurred to me that if you have never seen the American Pie movies, that quote would make on sense!

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