Blizzard Prep For Your Technology


Forecasters are predicting the first major snowstorm in New England since two winters ago. We all know the standard drill about getting in supplies (Milk! Bread! Beer! Chocolate!), but in this now high tech world here are some things you might not think to do:

– Charge up all of your devices, AND any rechargeable batteries and devices that could recharge other things. For me, that means not only my iPhone and laptop, but also:

– my battery-powered air compressor and my portable battery I use for busking. Both have 12 volt outlets, and I have a DC inverter allowing me to plug in AC devices to recharge, like my phone. If you do not have a DC inverter get one – you can also use it to recharge AC devices from your running car with its accessory outlet.

– A battery device on my key ring that can recharge my iPhone.

– All of the AA rechargable batteries I have for flashlights, and ANOTHER phone recharger that takes AAs.

– Don’t forget your Kindle or other eReader!

DOWNLOAD anything you might want to access if the power goes out and/or the wifi quits. It doesn’t matter how many ebooks or mp3s you have in the cloud if you can’t get to the cloud!

– If you still have a landline, do you have a basic fully-wired phone connected to it? A Trimline phone is totally powered by the phone line’s 48V circuit, which frequently stays on when you lose other power. But if all you have is a wireless receiver/voicemail recorder type phone that plugs into a power outlet it will not work if the street power goes out.

– If you have a smartphone, does it allow you to use it as a wifi hotspot? If so, you may be able to continue to surf the web with your laptop when your home router loses power. But be aware that it will drain your phone battery more quickly.

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