Friday Faves 12-21-12

You are probably shopped out, or else trying not to go near any more stores before the 25th – so just a few items this week. Go home, hug your significant others, let people know that you love and appreciate them.


If you are a violinist or violist, and especially if you have a long neck or other issues with standard chinrests, check out this new adjustable chinrest:


Project Night Night 

For $20 you can give a Project Night Night Package to a homeless child. Frequently these children have nothing of their own due to the circumstances that led to their families becoming homeless, so Project Night Night gives them a security blanket, a stuffed toy, and an age-appropriate book, all in a tote bag they can also use to carry other possessions:

Project Night Night


While cooking last week I realized yet again that I don’t have a decent food thermometer. This one won’t deliver until next May, but yet another thing you can do with your iOS or Android device:

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