Friday Faves 11-30-12

I finished my NaNoWriMo novel on Tuesday, so back to regularly-scheduled blog posts! Though now I have to start writing the Wednesday ones again – November’s were pre-written…

Some Kickstarters and other sites that have caught my eye this week:


Are you a human of any-sized body who wants to rock a menswear-style suit but cannot find ready-to-wear styles that fit you off the rack? Then you will want to support Saint Harridan’s goal to start that business:


Are you a fan of preserving original music from remote corners of the world? Then please consider supporting my friend Myke’s annual field expedition to record sounds before they disappear into ‘civilization’:


Fancy yourself as a ghost hunter? Or wondering how much electromagnetic radiation you are absorbing from your TV? For a mere $20 you can add an EMF detector to your iPhone!


Want to track your physical activity but don’t want to spend $150 on a Nike FuelBand?  Check out this IndieGogo preorder for a small aluminum capsule that will do it for less $ (and is also waterproof for swimming):

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