Friday Faves 09-28-12

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Free Ukulele Lessons

Starting tomorrow (9/29) and continuing every Saturday in October ALL Guitar Center stores in the US are offering free ukulele classes. BYO uke, or they will provide a loaner. Classes start at 10:15am local time and each class will be the same content, so if you are a total newbie you can sign up for several and practice your basic chops.

Sign up here.

Kickstarter projects I like:


I don’t really need an iPhone battery extender, but since work only paid for a 16MB 4S I do want the microSD slot this provides for increased memory:


I’m not always about new gear :-) This project to finish a documentary about Cairo’s muezzins (the people who sing the Muslim call to prayer), who are being replaced by recorded chants, has 2 days to go and still needs some donations to make their goal:


Fifteen years ago I loved my PalmPilot PDA, and especially the folding full-size keyboard I had for it. So my nostalgia vote this week goes to this similar folding Bluetooth keyboard project:


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