Friday Faves 09-21-12: Music and Kickstarter

Music to stream and download:

The benefits are over, but our friends have a long way to go recovering from the fire at Columbia House. A bunch of bands who played the benefits (including me as Reverse Polish Notation, and my band Ginger Ibex) donated tracks for a digital album – pay what you like, all money goes to the Columbia House folks:

If you heard about the recent kerfuffle (yes, that seems to be the official word used by all to reference it) regarding whether Amanda Palmer should be compensating her volunteer local string & brass players on tour (if not, see my earlier post and links to AP’s blog – long store short: she wasn’t paying them, but after the discussion has decided to do so) you may have missed hearing this about the actual new album: you may either download it for free if that’s all your finances permit, or pay what you want ($1 or more):

"theater Is Evil" cover

(click album image to go to AP’s digital download store)


I spent 5+ years playing in an Irish Punk band (and still sit in occasionally), and my fiddling is prominent on most of their albums. Now The Gobshites have finally set up on Bandcamp so you can stream and buy downloads – here’s a sample (and also my first original song – a reworking of an Irish standard, with a twist):


Kickstarter projects I like:

If you like using mason jars for your beverages, check out these cool leather sleeves for your jar (and also get a Cuppow drinking top if you haven’t already):


Dan Blakeslee (aka Dr. Gasp) is a local musician friend – this project is to create an animated video using one of his fun songs, about a “sugar pusher”:


I recommended this project a few months ago – they didn’t make goal then, but now they are back, and with better pre-marketing have already reached their initial goal. For people who like to do analog brainstorming & presentation:


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